Dear customers


The strength of our company lies in providing individually made products. Starting from the most functional, solid industrial solutions to emphasizing the character, being often an element of interior and facade, the products of a very high standard of workmanship.


Based on many years of experience earned since 1998 we expand range of our products. Currently the main part of our production are items of ventilation equipment and air conditioning which and satisfying expectations of even the most discerning designers and architects.


You can find our products in hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and industrial buildings. We also work with individual customers, serving them knowledge and experience.


We work with leading companies from the construction industry and companies performing installation of ventilation systems. We are proud to tell that already we have a big number of implementation across Poland, and our products are also available on other markets.


We specialize in the production of endings parts ventilation and air conditioning especially all kinds of diffusers, grilles, external intake louvres/ external exhaust louvre and low-velocity diffusers. Still we improve our machinery, so we can provide our customers a shorter completion date while maintaining high quality and attractive price.


We are a Polish company, with Polish crew and the whole national production.
With a big commitment we make sure that our products are environmentally friendly.