Louvre systems / Regulating louvres

Facade cladding with horizontal lamellas - system lamel wall

Lamella walls are a modern product that aesthetically covers technical devices located on the facade or roof of the building. They can also be used to cover other unattractive elements of the environment, e.g. garbage shelters. The lamella wall system can be made in a standard or acoustic version, which provides greater protection against noise emitted by the protected devices. These blinds can not only muffle sound, but act as a visual shield by blocking the view from outside.

It is also a great option for a relaxation terrace where you can enjoy your privacy without worrying about unwanted glances.

The louvre wall is most often mounted on a steel structure, it can also be an element of aluminum joinery.

As a manufacturer, we offer products according to individual orders due to size, shape, material or color.

Provide an elegant and modern architectural accent to the facility while providing effective protection against excessive noise thanks to our louvered wall system. We offer a product that guarantees reliability and high quality. Our advisors provide you with professional support in choosing the appropriate execution variant.