Swirl, perforated, nozzle and slot diffusers are a perfect solution for internal air distribution systems, both in ventilation and air conditioning, where they subtly complement the interior thanks to their functionality, attractive appearance and aesthetic finish.

How does a round swirl diffuser work?

A characteristic feature of swirl diffusers is the formation of a turbulent air flow with high induction, which enables a rapid temperature equalization of the supply air with the air in the ventilated room. The special design of the diffuser makes it possible to shape the air flow depending on the air supply function, from heating to isothermal air flow to cooling. By using this type of swirl diffuser, optimal air exchange can be achieved.

The swirl diffuser can be part of a modular suspended ceiling system and is therefore perfect for public places such as shops, cinemas, galleries or restaurants, where such solutions are standard. Swirl diffusers of types NWO-9, NWO-11, NWO-12 are also often used in high rooms in production and storage halls and combine the functions of isothermal air supply as well as heating and cooling.

A swirl diffuser should not only function effectively, but also be aesthetically pleasing, especially if it is used in a location with high optical requirements.

Our extensive range will help you choose the right model, including:

  • Ceiling diffusers on modular panels NWK-1, NWK-2, NWK-3, intended for installation in a suspended ceiling system,
  • NWO-9, -10, -11, -12 swirl diffusers for installation in high rooms,
  • NWO-11 and NWO-12 ventilation openings with adjustable air flow,
  • Nozzle diffusers – NWK-5, NWO-5,
  • NWK-2, NWO-2 and NWK-3, NWO-3 ceiling swirl diffusers with plastic slats,
  • NS slot diffusers.

The swirl diffusers we offer are characterized by high air efficiency, careful workmanship and a wide range of patterns from very discreet to extremely decorative.

In addition to swirl diffusers, we also manufacture displacement outlets, weather protection grilles and ventilation grilles.