Swirl diffuser

SAW-POL offers a wide range of diffusers. Thanks to the diversity visual and utility diffusers perfectly compose into any room. Company offers ceiling diffusers on modular plates which,
ideally suited for system of suspended ceilings – NWK-1, NWK-2, NWK-3, as well as swirl diffusers, mounted on high altitudes – NWO-9. There is great interest of diffusers NWO-11 with adjustable air flow - manually or by using an actuator which, by moving blades of are suited both to the cooling and heating function. Adjusting the air flow is also possible by so-called nozzle diffusers – NWK-5NWO-5 and swirl NWK-2NWO-2 and NWK-3NWO-3 with plastic fins. Discreet look of diffuser NWO-10 makes it easy to setting it on any environment. The direction of air flow depending on the setting of the distance between the faceplate and cover diffuser can be horizontal until vertical and change the direction of the airflow can be easily done from the front panel of the diffuser. Popular among buyers are slot diffusers. Slot diffusers NS, which are combined together in a single line make aesthetic string of supply and exhaust air, for example, in the hall - a solution often used in boutiques shopping malls.