Anemostat diffusers

Ceiling diffusers

Ceiling diffusers, as the name suggests, are mounted in the ceiling. Their main task is to distribute air allowing for effective circulation throughout the room.

Advantages of ceiling diffusers

  • Optimal location and space saving - ceiling diffusers do not take up space on the walls or floor, they do not limit users in interior design, so you can save valuable space in the room.
  • Uniform heating or cooling: thanks to installation in the ceiling, ceiling diffusers allow for even distribution of warm or cool air, which contributes to thermal comfort.
  • Aesthetics: ceiling diffusers are discreet and unobtrusive, which is especially important in minimalist interiors.

Square, rectangular and modular diffusers

Ceiling diffusers are supply or exhaust ventilation elements that are characterized by a rectangular shape, it is possible to mount them on a modular board adapted, for example, to be installed in a suspended ceiling.Thanks to dampers placed in plenum boxes, it is possible to control the air flow rate.

How to choose the right ceiling diffuser?

When choosing an ceiling diffuser, it is important to match its size to the expected efficiency ensuring comfortable ventilation of a specific space. Too small or insufficient devices will not provide adequate air circulation, while too large ones may lead to excessive energy consumption.


Saw-Pol offers modern diffusers with various applications, types of structures and shapes. These are elements installed in ceilings as the end of mechanical ventilation, ensuring effective air flow. Our offer includes various models of diffusers. The diffuser is most often made as a four-way ceiling diffuser - AN. Mounted on a modular board, it is an integral part of suspended ceilings - ANM. We also produce perforated exhaust diffusers - AW and raster AR. Diffusers are also produced in a rectangular arrangement - ANP. Our machinery park allows us to produce different diffusers, grilles and other products in special versions, in line with the individual ideas of architects and designers and the individual expectations of the customer. On request, we will produce them in special versions, adapted to the architectural concept or interior design, for example by selecting any covering color from the RAL palette or material. Details of the offer related to diffusers can be obtained by contacting our company's representatives. We also invite you to view technical information on our website and place orders!