Air grilles

Metal ventilation grilles

Metal ventilation grilles made of stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum are an effective solution that allows for designed, well-thought-out air flow in buildings. Ventilation grilles created with functionality and aesthetics in mind perfectly fit into modern architectural trends. Grilles are an important element of the ventilation system, and when properly selected, they contribute to the comfortable use of rooms. The metal ventilation grilles that you will find in our offer are distinguished not only by their functionality, but also by their durability and aesthetic workmanship. See the range of stainless steel grates and order them conveniently online!

Ventilation grilles for various purposes

Ventilation systems are made in various places and therefore require a variety of equipment, which is why our assortment includes metal ventilation grates for a wide range of purposes. You will find in it:

  • ventilation grilles for spiro duct,
  • floor grates
  • grids for raised floors,
  • flow ventilation grilles,
  • raster grids,
  • a group of supply and exhaust grilles type ST – with movable lamellas,
  • grilles for fan coil units,

We recommend stainless steel ventilation grilles as a solid and reliable installation element.

Advantages of stainless steel ventilation grilles

Stainless steel is an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant material. Thanks to their properties, stainless steel metal ventilation grilles are an ideal solution for various environments, including those with increased humidity and aggressive environments.

Metal ventilation grilles - aesthetic design and durable materials

Metal ventilation grilles made of stainless steel not only have a practical function, but also an aesthetic one. Their modern design makes them an attractive element of the interior or facade of a building.

In addition to their specific purpose, the metal ventilation grates that you will find in our assortment also differ in the material from which they are made. We produce grates made of galvanized steel, acid-resistant steel (316L), stainless steel (304), and aluminum with various parameters. They differ in design, size and performance. Due to their large dimensions, high efficiency and proven reliability, we have grilles also intended for smoke removal or aeration ventilation.

All our metal ventilation grilles, including stainless steel grilles, can perform supply, exhaust and equalizing and flow functions. By choosing a product from the offer, you can also match it to the installation surface, starting from internal walls, through ceilings and floors, as well as ventilation ducts placed in non-standard places.

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