Field intake louvre CT

Description and application

Field intake louvres are mostly used in installations with ground heat exchanger, they are designed to take fresh air from the outside to the inside of the installation. Usually they are located away from the buildings, the street, so as to limit get polluted air (field intake louvre can by equipped with filter class UE4). CT can be used as a substitute for roof intake louvre or external intake louvre when the construction of the building or elevation does not allow for the installation of such element. It is possible use of CT as a roof element as a function of intake ant the exhaust louvre. Air intake louvre in free standing- field version should have holes at the height of a minimum of 0,6 m. from the ground level. In places where it may by a large amount of precipitation, the amount of this should be increased to 1,0-1,5m.

Field intake louvre has Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship

Louvres are available in three material variants:
- powder-coated galvanized steel
- powder coated aluminum
- stainless steel (Type 1.4301 or 1.4404 )
On customer request powder coated to any color from the RAL palette (standard RAL9006). Louvre can be made also with the filter. We reserve the right to make technical changes and additions.