External exhaust wall louvres WSR-2

Description and application

External exhaust wall louvres is ending of ventilation ducts rectangular and circular cross section, with the installation of fans designed to discharge exhaust air outside the building, in industrial, office or warehouse ventilation systems. The opening of the louvre is caused by the incoming air stream. The angle of deviation of the blades depends on the efficiency of the ventilation system on which end is louvre. Thanks to gravity falling blades, wall louvres prevent the formation of reverse string in the installation, so it reduce the heat loss and protect the inside of duct from the weather.

External exhaust louvres has Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship

Louvre WSR-2 has one row of louvres gravity moving horizontally. Thanks to the frame made on "flat", the exhaust louvre performs its task during the ejecting circular cross section. Shutters are made of aluminum, making it easier to open under the influence of the incoming stream of air, and freely falling during work stop of the ventilator. Frame exhaust louvre is made of galvanized steel. All is powder coated to any color RAL (by the customer request). Possibility of louvre to made of stainless steel.