Intake/exhaust roof louvre CzWD-B

Description and application

Intake / exhaust roof louvre are used in the ventilation instalation intake and exhaust, as the end extract ducts and ventilation holes with a rectangular section. Located on the roof, connected to the ventilation duct, it is designed to extract fresh air from the exterior to the interior installation. They may also be mounted on the roof base and the pedestal equalizing roof pitch. Thanks to the protective mesh that protects ventilation hole before the bird, rodent and larger impurities (like the leaves) to get inside.

Intake /exhaust roof louvre has Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship

Intake /exhaust roof louvre type B is made of galvanized steel. Directly behind the blades is a protective mesh to secure installation before the leaves and other larger impurities. On request it is possible to powder coated to any RAL color and make louvres of aluminum and stainless steel.