Category: Diffusers

Swirl diffuser NWK-5p

Description and application 

Nozzle diffuser on the square panel NWK-5k is used for ventilation and air conditioning industrial and public buildings with a height of 2.5 m - 4.5 m, such as offices, hotels, cinemas, conference rooms, supermarkets. They are characterized by easy assembly in suspended ceilings, plenum boxes or directly on rectangular ducts. Assembly is done using visible screws in the corners of the faceplate or invisible latch on RM frame. By appropriate location of the nozzle in the faceplate we get different directions supplied air or the rotational motion.

Nozzle diffuser has Hygienic Certificatey HK/K/0522/01/2016

Material and workmanship

Diffusers are made up of faceplate galvanised sheet steel powder coated white RAL 9016 and specially profiled nozzles madeof plastic in white. Upon customer request we can paint faceplate in any color from RAL pallete and made of special stainless steel or aluminum.