Category: Diffusers

Long-range diffuser NWO-10

Description and application:

Long-range diffusers are intended for ventilation and air conditioning systems in general construction facilities, such as: multi-functional halls, sports halls, swimming pools, theater halls, concert halls, museums, exhibition halls, shopping centers. They are also used in industrial facilities, e.g. in high-bay warehouses or hallsproduction. The diffusers are mounted directly on the ventilation ducts. The dispersion or concentration of the streamsupply can be obtained by turning the element by 180 °. NWO-10 can be mounted in the wall or ceiling.

Diffusers have the Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship:

The diffusers are available in three material variants: galvanized steel powder coated, aluminum powder coated and stainless steel (grade 1.4301 or 1.4404). It is possible to varnish in any color from the RAL palette.