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Slot diffuser NS

Description and application 

Slot diffuser is used for ventilation and air conditioning industrial and public buildings with a height of 2.5 m - 4.5 m. They are designed for installation in suspended ceilings and plenum boxes. Mounted next to each other can create a string of supply air along the whole room. The airflow direction can be formed from vertical to horizontal. Supply air can by one- or two-sided. Changing the direction of air flow is also possible after installation the diffuser. Resistance of the blades provides uniform distribution of air over the whole length of the diffuser. The method of mounting the blades provides solid surface air discharge, regardless of their settings.Diffusers are mounted using visible bolts in stamped holes in front frame or with additional frame to hide the mounting elements.

Slot diffuser has Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship

Slot diffuser are made of aluminum powder coated in white RAL 9016. Upon customer request we can paint in any color from RAL palette and special made of stainless steel. The diffusers can be done in the extract air version without air discharge directing blades.



Air flow NS-1 - function of supply air