Low-velocity diffusers

Displacement diffusers

The displacement diffuser is a product that is highly appreciated by our contractors due to its functionality, which is particularly useful both in places of high comfort (auditoriums, concert halls, laboratories, offices) and in the demanding conditions of industrial plants.

Advantages of displacement diffusers

The most important feature of displacement diffusers is a laminar, low-turbulent flow that allows for the supply of large amounts of air to the work or occupied zone, thus enabling effective removal of polluted air without causing drafts.

The displacement diffuser can be installed both near the floor and above the occupied zone. Powder coating in any color from the RAL palette guarantees an attractive appearance, high level of aesthetics and durability.

Diffusers for public places and industry

Depending on the needs of a specific ventilation system and interior design, our offer includes many models, differing in both technical parameters and design.

Our assortment includes:

  • circular displacement diffusers
  • semicircular displacement diffusers
  • corner displacement diffusers
  • round single-wall industrial displacement diffusers,
  • rectangular displacement diffusers
  • displacement diffusers to be built into the wall

Are you looking for low-velocity diffusers for your company, commercial facility or gallery? Choose the products that best meet your expectations. We will help you choose the best solution for your company.

Our permanent assortment also includes swirl diffusers, external exhaust louvres and roof units.