Semicircular displacement flow diffuser NW-p

Description and application

Semicircular displacement flow diffuser NW-p are used in industrial facilities or public utility, in places where there is a need to bring a large amount of fresh air. The air is supplied at low speed. The air is supplied at low speed from 0.2 m/s to 0.6 m/s near of the workstations and the occupied zone. The supply air temperature while cooling should be lower by 4 to 6 K, while the maximum temperature difference during heating is 9 K. The entire surface of the diffuser blowing air has a low turbulence, easily displaces the the used air from the work area or occupied zone in theextract air openings.

Displacement flow diffuser has Hygienic Certificate HK/K/0522/02/2016

Description and application

Diffusers are available in three material variants: galvanized steel, aluminum - powder coated or stainless steel (type 1.4301 or 1.4404). On customer request powder coated to any color from the RAL palette. NW-p are designed for installation on the wall, rectangular or circular ducts. There is a possibility the individual making of diffusers according to customer requirements.