Wall external intake louvres CzS-M

Description and application

Rectangular wall external intake louvre used in ventilation installation intake and exhaust as the end of air intake pipes and ventilation holes in the walls of buildings or directly on the duct. The special shape of the louvres / blades protects air intake hole before atmospheric precipitations. In standard used is protective mesh that protects before the bird, rodent and larger impurities (like the leaves) inside the installation. Blades spacing in CzS-M is 40mm, so that in these intake louvre is more blades than in the standard external intake louvres CzS-A (spacing is 55mm), which greatly improves technical and visual parameters.

External intake louvres has Hygienic Certificate HK/K/0522/02/2016

Material and workmanship

External intake louvre is available in three material variants: galvanized steel, aluminum - powder coated or stainless steel (type 1.4301 or 1.4404). On customer request powder coated to any color from the RAL palette. Directly behind the intake louvre is a steel mesh. CzS-M in standard is produced in the dimensions of H to 350 mm. For larger sizes we recommended CzS-A. Over width L=500 the intake louvre is shared. The width of the frame: 25mm.