Louvre systems SSL

Louvre systems SSL with louvre CzS-A

Description and application

Systems of wall louvre fulfill the several utility functions depending on how it’s done, used material, type of used blades and the mounting location:
- protect unaesthetic technical equipment located on the elevation or roof of the buildings,
- protecting the ventilation holes provide the necessary air flow fulfilling the function of intake / exhaust air.
- wall louvre system made of acoustic blades provides protection against noise emitted by the protect machine at the same time ensure air exchange.
- increase the aesthetic value elevation of the building, they can also be elegant and decorative finishing interior walls of the building.

Louvres CzS-A has Hygienic Certificate.

Material and workmanship

Due to the large surfaces of the louvre walls, they are made of aluminum powder coated for the selected RAL color. Can also be made from galvanized steel powder coated or stainless steel. The type and way of making substructure depends on the size of the louvre blinds and the conditions at the installation place (to be agreed at the time of realization). Systems of walls louvre are produced on request. The dimensions of the individual modules are adapted to the existing ubstructure (distance between individual pillars) or are the dimensions of a multiple division of the whole length of the wall. The support for the louvre wall are vertical support profiles mounted on appropriate bases, attached to the building structure and set in appropriate distances and horizontal connecting bars. When the louvre walls forming a closed block, you can embed matching with them revision doors.


Sample projects

Plant of Installation Power Equipment SILTEC in Pruszkow

Funeral center "Klepsydra" - branch office in Cracow